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International Community : Vital Role In Peace Process« Threa

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International Community : Vital Role In Peace Process« Threa

Postby admin » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:41 pm

International Community : Vital Role In Peace Process« Thread Started on May 1, 2007, 6:31am » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------International Community : Vital Role In Peace Process [ 2007-5-1 ] By Yuba Nath Lamsalread at source> ... 28RECENTLY, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has described Nepal's ongoing peace and democratic process as the remarkable progress. However, the chief of the world body does not appear fully satisfied with the pace with which Nepal is moving ahead for establishing sustainable peace and democratic transformation. The key questions, according to him, like monitoring the management of arms and armies and other complex issues remain to be resolved with more caution and wisdom.ConcernThe concern shown by the UN Secretary General is natural and genuine as the United Nations has been actively involved in Nepal's peace process. The United Nations Mission in Nepal has taken up the responsibility of monitoring the management of arms and armies of the People's Liberation Army and the peace process under a tripartite agreement among the Government of Nepal, CPN-Maoist and the UN.As pointed out by the UN chief, the complex issues, which include the completion of the management of arms and armies and holding the election to a constituent assembly that would write a new constitution charting out a new course of Nepal's political and democratic future, are yet to be addressed. The speed has been slow but steady. The seven party alliance and the CPN-Maoist, right after the 12 point agreements signed prior to launching the Jana Andolan II, have agreed on some common agenda and set a timetable for accomplishing the job. The comprehensive peace agreement and other accords just reinforced these commitments. Specific time table was fixed for specific works like initiating the arms management process, promulgating the interim constitution, formation of interim parliament, formation of the Maoist included interim government and finally holding the constituent assembly election. None of the works was accomplished in time. Thus, it had a chain effect and the entire peace and political process got delayed.Although the UN has been playing an active and positive role in facilitating and helping Nepal's peace and democratic process, its bureaucratic procedure is responsible for the delay in the peace and political process. It had been agreed between the seven-party alliance and the CPN-Maoist that the promulgation of the interim constitution and formation of the interim parliament would be done only after the United Nations initiated the process of registration of arms and armies of the Maoist People's Liberation Army. Due to the bureaucratic procedures of the United Nations, the registration of arms and armies did not start immediately after the tripartite agreement. The process began couple of months after the tripartite agreement on arms management was signed. This ultimately caused delay in the constituent assembly election. Had the United Nations begun its work immediately, all other processes would have been done in accordance with the plan and constituent assembly election would have been held in June this year as it had been agreed among the major political actors of the country.
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