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VIDEO: Pres. Obama Weekly Address

from C-SPAN Recent Video
In this week's weekly address, Pres. Obama talks about his initiatives to help Americans save for their retirement.
Length: 6 min.

Published: Today at 10am (ET)

VIDEO: Arnaud De Borchgrave, Center for Strategic & Int’l Studies, Transnational Threat Assessments Dir

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Mr. De Borchgrave discussed his recent op-ed in the Washington Times, "Time for a Strategic Retreat," in which he addresses the issue of a troop pullout from Afghanistan. He also, talked about the call from some conservatives for President Obama to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

Published: Today at 7am (ET)

VIDEO: Erik Olson, Pew Charitable Trusts, Food & Consumer Product Safety Dir.

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Erik Olson discusses food safety issues, as cases of E. coli continue to spread. In July, the House approved legislation, the Food Safety Enhancement Act, which would give the FDA greater control over recalls, put greater responsibility on the producers of food and require more frequent inspections.

Published: Today at 8am (ET)

White House Not Drafting Final version of Healthcare Bill
Contrary to a yesterday's CNN report, a senior administration official tells Chuck Todd the White House is not drafting its own health-care bill.

Lessons from Clinton's Health Care Defeat
Before the August break, "the chief aides to Senate Democrats met in a nondescript Senate conference room with three former advisers to President Bill Clinton," reports the New York Times.

"The topic: lessons learned the last time a Democratic president tried, but failed disastrously, to overhaul the health care system."

•Failure Is Not an Option.
•Know your audience -- insured taxpayers, American majority
•Leave the details to Congress.
•Co-opt the opposition.

President Obama takes his pitch to Congress
Posted: September 5th, 2009 09:22 AM ET

Baucus could send proposal to 'Gang of Six' on Saturday
Posted: September 5th, 2009 12:13 PM ET

From CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Two sources familiar with the "Gang of Six" bipartisan talks say Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Montana, could distribute a proposal to the other five negotiators as early as this afternoon.

In a conference call Friday, Baucus made clear to the other senators he wants to move forward very soon with a health care bill.

Analysis: High court to revisit potential election law changes
Posted: September 5th, 2009 02:52 PM ET

From CNN Supreme Court Producer Bill Mears

The campaign finance case before the court stems from a film critical of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
WASHINGTON (CNN) – Money and politics are often equated as the fuel and engine of American democracy, but thanks to the Supreme Court, century-old government speed bumps on the campaign speech superhighway may soon be a thing of the past.

Obama health care pitch hits the road
Posted: September 5th, 2009 04:15 PM ET
Obama to workers: We'll help you save
Posted: September 5th, 2009 06:08 PM ET
Afghan election officials defend vote-counting process
Posted: 12:48 PM ET
KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission sought to reassure voters Saturday that it was “impartially and transparently” tallying the results of the August presidential election.

Economic growth before fiscal restraint, Geithner says
Posted: 04:56 PM ET
LONDON, England (CNN) — The consensus by the G20 ministers to not cut back on stimulus efforts yet will ensure that countries don’t revert to fiscal restraint too soon, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told CNN’s Richard Quest in an exclusive interview Saturday.

Statement of Treasury Secretary Geithner on the Administration's New Retirement Security Initiatives
Statement by Secretary Geithner at the G-20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
VACANCY: Administrative Support Assistant, GS-0303-07
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 14:09:08 -0500
SA2-09-386-LES3 (Closing Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 00:00:00 EDT)
DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 14:05:00 -0500

Pelosi: No public option, no bill

from congress by Alex Isenstadt
Any health bill "without a strong public option will not pass the House," she says.

Reid: "We're going to do everything we can to do a public option or something like a public option," Reid said

from Politics by Manu Raju

Weekly Address: President Obama Announces New Initiatives for Retirement Savings
In this week’s address, President Barack Obama will announce new steps to make it easier for American families to save for retirement. These new initiatives will complement the president’s major legislative proposals to boost participation in IRAs and match retirement savings.

Statement by the Press Secretary on Israeli Settlements
We regret the reports of Israel's plans to approve additional settlement construction. Continued settlement activity is inconsistent with Israel's commitment under the Roadmap.

Statement from the President on the First Time Disclosure Policy for White House Visitor Logs
As another indication of his commitment to an open and transparent government, the President announced today that for the first time in history, records of White House visitors will be released

Opening Up the People’s House
Posted by Norm Eisen
Today, the President took another important step toward a more open and transparent government by announcing a historic new policy to voluntarily disclose White House visitor access records. Each month, records of visitors from the previous 90-120 days will be made available online.

Flu Prevention is Elementary
Posted by Principal Robert Hindman

Ed. Note: As the Administration continues to prepare for H1N1 and flu season across all federal agencies, we welcome Principal Hindman to give us a glimpse of what school administrators are doing to prepare locally.

Ethics Update
Posted by Norm Eisen

We have previously reported six limited waivers that have been granted by the White House pursuant to the President’s Executive Order on Ethics for Executive Branch personnel – the strongest ethics standards in U.S. government history. Three of these waivers involved lobbying-related issues and three did not. We blogged about them here, here, and here.

Weekly Address: Labor Day and Fair Rewards for Hard Work
Posted by Jesse Lee
With Labor Day approaching, the President commits to rebuilding the economy so that a lifetime of hard work leads to a comfortable retirement, and explains his proposal to help to get there.

Pelosi: No public option, no bill

from congress by Alex Isenstadt
Any health bill "without a strong public option will not pass the House," she says.

White House's new health care pitch

from Politics by Carrie Budoff Brown

President Obama's 'Czars'

from Politics by Politico Staff
POLITICO has compiled a wide-ranging list of President Obama's various "czars."

Reid: "We're going to do everything we can to do a public option or something like a public option," Reid said

from Politics by Manu Raju

Labor pushes on Mass. succession

from Politics by Michael Falcone
Intensive effort underway to persuade legislators to support the appointment of an interim successor.

Biden: Stimulus right thing 'morally'

from Politics by Carol E. Lee
Biden tries to blunt lingering skepticism of the Obama administration’s $787 billion stimulus plan.

American majority escalate public option push

from Politics by Carrie Budoff Brown
Their message: Listen to the people who elected you.


U.S., Israel on collision course over settlements

from Reuters: Top News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Israeli government's plan to approve more construction in Jewish settlements drew a sharp rebuke from the Obama administration on Friday, further complicating U.S. efforts to revive Middle East peace talks.

World must plan for climate emergency: academy

from Reuters: Environment
LONDON (Reuters) - Humans may have to reset the Earth's natural thermostat and develop new technologies like reflecting sunlight back into space if climate talks fail, Britain's top science academy said on Tuesday.

Arctic now warmest in 2000 years, researchers say

from Reuters: Environment
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions pushed Arctic temperatures in the last decade to the highest levels in at least 2,000 years, reversing a natural cooling trend that should have lasted four more millennia.

Congress to probe SEC's lapse on Madoff

from Reuters: Business News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An investigative panel in the U.S. Congress will hold hearings on the failure of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to follow clues that could have uncovered Bernard Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

SEC, CFTC urged to align rules to police markets

from Reuters: Business News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The two main U.S. regulators policing the securities and futures markets were urged on Thursday to align their rules for ferreting out fraud, protecting investors and punishing wrongdoers.

CFTC sheds new light on funds in commodities

from Reuters: Business News
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Money managers were mostly net long on major U.S. commodities in the week to September 1, according to a government report issued on Friday to increase transparency on hedge fund bets in the markets.

China H1N1 vaccine gets green light

from Reuters Video: Most Watched Videos
Sep 03 - Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac becomes one of the first companies worldwide to mass-produce a vaccine for the H1N1 strain of flu.

US eases travel curbs for Cuba

from Reuters Video: Latest Videos US
Sep. 4 - The US have given the green light to Cuban Americans, allowing unlimited travel to Cuba to visit family members.

China, U.S. may cooperate on world's biggest telescope

from Reuters: Science News
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Astronomers from China and the United States may cooperate on building the world's largest telescope aimed at providing deeper insight into the very early stages of the universe, Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.

Kepler telescope can find "oodles" of Earth like exoplanets: NASA

from Reuters: Science News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The orbiting Kepler telescope has spotted a Jupiter-sized planet around another star -- a sighting that demonstrates it can see Earth-like planets if they are out there, scientists reported on Thursday.

Flu drugs little use for children, experts say

from Reuters: Science News
LONDON (Reuters) - Children should not routinely be treated with flu drugs like Tamiflu since there is no clear evidence they prevent complications and the medicines may do more harm than good, British researchers said on Monday.

NASA wants proposals for space taxis

from Reuters: Science News
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - NASA plans to use $50 million of federal economic stimulus funds to seed development of commercial passenger transportation service to space, agency officials said on Monday.

Germany proposes unmanned moon landing for 2015

from Reuters: Science News
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany should try to launch an unmanned mission to the moon by around 2015, the government official in charge of aerospace matters said on Wednesday.

IBM uses DNA to make next-gen microchips

from Reuters: Science News
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp is looking to the building blocks of our bodies -- DNA -- to be the structure of next-generation microchips.

Building block of life amino acid glycine found on comet

from Reuters: Science News
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The amino acid glycine, a fundamental building block of proteins, has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space, scientists said on Monday.

Arms expert warns new mind drugs eyed by military

from Reuters: Science News
GENEVA (Reuters) - A leading expert on chemical and biological arms control called Wednesday for urgent efforts to stop new mind-altering drugs developed for medical purposes from being adopted by the military for use in warfare.

Experts identify fungus-resistant gene in rice

from Reuters: Science News
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Researchers in Japan have identified a gene that allows rice plants to fight off a fungal disease called blast, which may open the way for farmers to cultivate hardier plants.

U.N. chief calls for urgent action on climate

from Reuters: Science News
LONGYEARBYEN, Svalbard (Reuters) - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on world leaders on Monday to take urgent action to combat climate change for the sake of "the future of humanity."

Study finds potential way to make an AIDS vaccine

from Reuters: Science News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The discovery of immune system particles that attack the AIDS virus may finally open a way to make a vaccine that could protect people against the deadly and incurable infection, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.

Obama unveils measures to spur retirement saving

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama announced new measures on Saturday to encourage Americans to save more money for retirement, a move the White House said would put the economy on a stronger footing in the future.

U.S. cuts more than $30 million in aid to Honduras

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday it would cut more than $30 million in aid to Honduras in an effort to pressure the de facto government to step down and allow ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return to power.

Russia says progress made on U.S. nuclear arms deal

from Reuters: Politics
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia and the United States have made progress on reaching a new deal to cut vast Cold War arsenals of nuclear weapons, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying on Thursday by local news agencies.

White House to report on jobs saved and created

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House will report on September 10 on the number of jobs saved and created under President Barack Obama's $787 billion program to jump-start the economy, an administration official said on Thursday.

Obama to lay out specifics on healthcare: Biden

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will lay out specifics of his proposed healthcare overhaul when he addresses Congress on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said, as the administration sought to regain control of the debate.

Obama picks Punke to be U.S. ambassador to WTO

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama intends to nominate Michael Punke to be U.S. ambassador to the World Trade Organization, the White House said on Thursday.

FTC may pick privacy expert, Obama ally: sources

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A privacy and consumer protection expert in the North Carolina attorney general's office and an Hispanic ally of President Barack Obama are being considered for the Federal Trade Commission, according to antitrust sources with knowledge of the administration's thinking.

Sen Schumer calls for making SEC self-funded

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, criticized this week for failing to detect the Bernard Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scam, needs more money and a new way of getting it, said a key lawmaker on Thursday.

Ashcroft aide threatens to take Fifth

from Politics by John Bresnahan
David Ayres may try to avoid testifying against a GOP lobbyist caught up in the Abramoff scandal.

Pelosi: House won't pass bill without a public option

from Politics by Alex Isenstadt
Any health bill "without a strong public option will not pass the House," she says.

Ron Paul finds support for Fed audit

from Reuters: Politics
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After decades of pushing long-shot causes like abolishing the income tax and reinstating the gold standard, Republican Representative Ron Paul finds himself in an unaccustomed spot: on the cusp of legislative victory.

U.S.-China climate deal likely at Obama visit: senator

from Reuters: Politics
BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States and China are likely to sign a new bilateral agreement to combat climate change during President Barack Obama's visit to Beijing in November, Washington senator Maria Cantwell said on Friday.

Intensified Doha talks to resume this month

from Reuters: Politics
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Key trade ministers agreed on Friday to relaunch the World Trade Organization's Doha talks with intensified negotiations later this month, India's Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma, said on Friday.

U.S. wants G20 to axe fuel subsidies: source

from Reuters: Politics
(Reuters) - The United States plans to call on the Group of 20 to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies in five years and increase oil market transparency when the group meets at the end of the month, according to a source familiar with the proposal.

U.S. sees progress on nuclear arms deal with Russia

from Reuters: Politics
* U.S. says talks progress, next round starts September 21

Iran reportedly ready to hold talks with West

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Israeli official calls Iranian nuclear negotiator saying Teheran has prepared revised package of proposals for West "brinkmanship."

Obama praises Islam at Ramadan meal

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Envoy Michael Oren among guests paying tribute to "great religion... committed to justice, progress."

ISRAEL: Arabs to hold general strike October 1

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Supreme Arab Monitoring Committee: Reason behind decision is "continued State discrimination."

Germany: Iran must decide by next month

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Officials from the US, France, Britain, Russia, China, and Germany discuss Iranian nuclear program.

PA to probe 'IDF organ harvesting'

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Fayad instructs three ministers to investigate all facts surrounding Swedish newspaper allegations.

EU urges Iran to resume nuclear talks

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Swedish FM: "Confrontation will happen" if Teheran doesn't cooperate, tough sanctions will be imposed.

Chavez: Israel's gov't is 'genocidal'

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Venezuelan leader visits Syria, condemns "Zionist gov't that persecutes heroic Palestinian people."

Mashaal arrives in Cairo for talks on Schalit, Palestinian unity

from JPost Front Page Top Stories
Hamas spokesman says Damascus-based leader set to meet with Egyptian intelligence chief on possible prisoner exchange deal to free soldier.

Mitchell, Israeli officials have 'good meeting'

from JPost Israel
Molcho, Herzog meet US Mideast envoy in NY; more talks planned when Mitchell returns to ME next week.

Most Likud MKs to rally against PM

from JPost Israel
Vice premier Shalom warns Netanyahu US-backed diplomatic process will "blow up in our face."

IAF strikes Gaza infiltration tunnel

from JPost Israel
Attack comes after seven mortar shells hit western Negev throughout the day, with no casualties.


from Kremlin.Ru: Unified Wire Service
Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia's Economy.


from Kremlin.Ru: Unified Wire Service
Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to Rossiya TV Channel.


from Kremlin.Ru: Unified Wire Service
Dmitry Medvedev held a working meeting with President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

RUSSIA: Beginning of Working Meeting with President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

from Kremlin.Ru: Unified Wire Service
“A new school year will start on September 1. Is the Chechen Republic prepared for it?”

IRC Meeting Agenda September 10, 2009

from FMS Publications
Updated 9/3/2009: IRC Meeting Agenda September 10, 2009 An IRC meeting will be held on September 10, 2009, at 9 a.m. at the Government Accountability Office, 441 G Street, NW. Room 4N30 (NOTE ROOM CHANGE) Washington, D.C. The closest metro station is the red line, Judiciary Square, Nat'l Building Museum exit. You can

USSGL IRC Meeting: July 30, 2009

from FMS Publications
Updated 9/4/2009: U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Board and Issues Resolution Committee Meeting Minutes. July 30, 2009. This meeting was held at the Government Accountability Office, 441 G Street, NW. Room 7B15 (Campbell Room) Washington, DC.GENERAL ITEMS:. Kathy Winchester (FMS) opened the meeting, and int

Vehicles Exchange Program – Vehicles Purchased

from FMS Publications
Updated 9/4/2009: Vehicles Exchange Program – Vehicles Purchased with Recovery Act Funds This scenario was prepared using USSGL TFM 09-02, Part 1. Background On February 17, 2009, the President signed Public Law 111-5, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. The Recovery Act provided GSA with an appropria

U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee Meeting Handouts

from FMS Publications
Updated 9/4/2009: U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Handouts. September 10, 2009, USSGL IRC Meeting Handouts. Draft Accounting Treatment for Vehicles Purchased with Recovery Act Funds (September 10, 2009). Draft Accounting Treatment for Vehicles Purchased with Recovery Act Funds –

VACANCY: Lead Electric Industry Specialist - GS-1101-14/14

from EIA: Jobs
Announcement Number: HQ-09-DE-63-EI50-183Closing Date: 16 September 2009

VACANCY: Lead Interdisciplinary 801/110/1530 - GS-1530/110-14/14

from EIA: Jobs
Announcement Number: HQ-09-MP-67-EI50-176Closing Date: 16 September 2009

VACANCY: Supervisory Survey Statistician - GS-1530-15

from EIA: Jobs
Announcement Number: HQ-09-DE-75-EI-70-710 Closing Date: 23 September 2009

DARPA Robert Mandelbaum, Program Manager with the Information Processing Techniques Office, discusses the BigDog program and the challenges of unmanned ground vehicles.

World Leaders - Central Intelligence Agency Updates for 26 August - 3 September 2009

from CIA Library
September 4, 2009 - Posted updated Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments with updated entries for Albania, Andorra, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Iran--NDE, Macedonia, Somalia, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Zimbabwe. Changes reflect updates in leadership, positions, or the spelling of officials' names in the country listings during the period 26 August - 3 September 2009.

A Look Back … Robert Carey Broughton: From Walt Disney to War Movies

from CIA Featured Story
September 4 - What do Walt Disney Studios and the Office of Strategic Services—the predecessor of today’s CIA—have in common? Accomplished camera effects artist Robert Carey Broughton created award-winning films for both organizations.

VIDEO: Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) Health Care Town Hall

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) spoke to constituents at a town hall meeting in Fredericksburg, VA to discuss health care reform.
Length: 1 hr. 46 min.

Published: Thursday at 7pm (ET)

VIDEO: British P.M. Gordon Brown Remarks on Afghanistan

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Following his recent trip to Afghanistan, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown restated his commitment to keep British troops in the region in a speech at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London. He talked about the need for additional military resources in Afghanistan to combat the Taliban, and reconstruction efforts.
Length: 1 hr. 15 min.

Published: Friday at 8:45am (ET)

VIDEO: Carmen Reinhart, University of Maryland, Economics Professor

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Carmen Reinhart goes over her recent studies, co-authored with Harvard Economics Professor Kenneth Rogoff, that examine financial crises and subsequent recoveries since World War Two. Dr. Reinhart also examines how this current global recession differs from all others since 1945. This study is part of part of a soon-to-be-released book, "This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly."
Length: 47 min.

Published: Friday at 7:30am (ET)

VIDEO: Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations, Senior Fellow

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Gen. McChrystal has release his assessment of the war in Afghanistan. Max Boot gives his opinions on what the administration's next step should be, his thoughts on a troop surge and what it would take to win in the region.
Length: 48 min.

Published: Friday at 8:30am (ET)

VIDEO: Adam Liptak, New York Times, Supreme Court Correspondent

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Adam Liptak discusses an upcoming Supreme Court oral argument concerning restrictions on corporate spending to support or oppose political candidates. This case arose from a political documentary called "Hillary: The Movie." The film's producers were prohibited from distributing it on a video-on-demand service on grounds that it violated a McCain-Feingold ban on corporate money being used for electioneering.
Length: 39 min.

Published: Friday at 9:15am (ET)

VIDEO: Joe Biden Remarks on Economic Recovery

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Vice President Joe Biden made a major funding announcement regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The vice president made the announcement via satellite to an event in Freemont, California being attended by Energy Sec. Steven Chu and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R).
Length: 6 min.

Published: Friday at 12pm (ET)

VIDEO: House Democrats Briefing on Health Insurance Reform for Seniors

from C-SPAN Recent Video
House Democrats host a press conference to discuss what health insurance reform means for America's seniors and dispel myths about the plan. Representative Xavier Becerra (CA-31), Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and senior member of the Ways and Means Committee, is joined by members of other medical associations.
Length: 26 min.

Published: Thursday at 9pm (ET)

VIDEO: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Briefing on Economic Outlook and Employment Issues

from C-SPAN Recent Video
Dr. Martin Regalia, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at U.S. Chamber of Commerce holds a meeting focusing on the potential for inflation, the pace of an economic recovery, the deficit, the Employee Free Choice Act, and bipartisan reforms on health care and immigration.
Length: 1 hr. 33 min.

Published: Thursday at 10pm (ET)

VIDEO: LBJ White House Tapes

from C-SPAN Recent Video
As Congress continues work on health care legislation, see comparisons to the 1965 Medicare bill from President Johnson's 1964 and 1965 calls. Hear LBJ plan to win approval for the measure, with participants including his chief Congressional aide Larry O’Brien, Sen. Albert Gore Sr., father of the future Vice President, and powerful House Ways and Means Cmte. Chairman Wilbur Mills. Historian David Shreve provides context and background for these conversations.
Length: 1 hr. 33 min.

Published: Today at 12am (ET)

Insurance Companies Administrate Death Panels When They Deny or Cancel Healthcare Coverage

from AFL-CIO NOW BLOG by Mike Hall

Health care reform protestors, extremist radio and television talkers and some mainstream Republicans trying to kill President Obama’s health care reform initiative have frequently, but falsely, claimed the health plan would create government “death panels” to decide who gets treatment and who dies.

Employee Free Choice Act Hits the Airwaves Over Labor Day

from AFL-CIO NOW BLOG by Seth Michaels

Insiders See Democrats Retaining Both House, Senate
The National Journal's latest Political Insiders Poll asks the experts what they expect to happen in the 2010 midterm elections. Both parties project slim Republican gains in the Senate, while Democrats think it's a very slim chance they lose their House majority.

White House Memo on Health Care Reform
Mike Allen reports the White House sent a polling memo by Joel Benenson to Democrats on Capitol Hill:

Key excerpts: "The desire for change is driven, more than anything else, by a desire to see a crackdown on the worst practices of insurance companies ... There is little doubt that the moderate numbers of support for the President's health insurance reform plan are based in large part on a lack of awareness of the details of the plan. ... When voters learn about the composition of the plan, support grows considerably. ... As we enter this final stage of the health insurance reform debate, there is a significant opportunity to clearly define health insurance reform, replacing Republican misrepresentations with facts. Voters still see a strong need for reform. Large majorities believe that health care will get worse for most Americans if the health care system's problems are not addressed. When they learn more about the specifics of reform, support grows considerably."

White House Drafting Health Care Bill
CNN has learned that the White House "is quietly working to draft health care legislation after allowing Congress to work on its own for months."

Lynch takes steps to run for Kennedy seat
Posted: September 4th, 2009 02:32 PM ET

From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

Rep. Stephen Lynch has obtained the necessary paperwork to run for Senate.
(CNN) — Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch, a Democrat, obtained the necessary paperwork Friday to run for the Senate seat long held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, according the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office.

House liberals tell Obama public option is 'essential'
Posted: September 4th, 2009 05:53 PM ET

From CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash

Some of the most liberal members of the House say they won't vote for a bill without a government-run insurance option.
WASHINGTON (CNN) – As Obama prepares to go before Congress and lay out more details about his stance on health reform, he held a conference call Friday with some of the most liberal members of the House, who say they won't vote for a bill without a government-run insurance option.

Sources: White House considers drafting health care bill
Posted: September 4th, 2009 05:54 PM ET

From CNN's Ed Henry, Jessica Yellin and Gloria Borger

CNN has learned that the White House is working to draft health care legislation.
WASHINGTON (CNN) – CNN has learned that the White House is quietly talking about drafting formal health care legislation after allowing Congress to work on its own for months.

Book: Ted Kennedy's last words
Posted: September 4th, 2009 07:05 PM ET
Former Attorney General Ashcroft can be sued for terror probe arrest, appeals court says
Posted: 06:49 PM ET
(CNN) — Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is not immune from being sued by a man who claims he was illegally detained under Justice Department policies implemented after the September 11 terror attacks, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

Reformist release names of 72 post-election victims, Iranian site says
Posted: 07:32 PM ET
By Samira Simone

(CNN) — An Iranian reformist Web site on Friday released the identities of 72 people it says were killed by government forces in the aftermath of Iran’s disputed presidential elections — in a defiant move that demands a response from the Islamic republic.

Security guards under investigation leaving Afghanistan
Posted: 02:00 AM ET
KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Fourteen employees of a U.S. security contractor accused of wrongdoing at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan have been fired and were leaving the country, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan said Friday.

Iraq sends more police to border with Syria
Posted: 04:57 AM ET
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Iraqi authorities sent additional national police brigades to the border with Syria as tensions between the two nations heighten, Ministry of Information officials said Saturday.

Radiation Protection News for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

General: Afghan Situation 'Serious': McChrystal Expected To Seek More Resources, But White House Is Wary

(By Ann Scott Tyson)

Do CIA and Military Face Double Standard on Interrogations?

(By Walter Pincus)

EPA Announces Houses of Worship Can Now Earn Energy Star Label and Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Approximately 370,000 can track their energy use

WASHINGTON – America’s houses of worship can now earn the Energy Star label, joining the nation’s schools, hospitals, hotels, and other facilities in their efforts to fight climate change, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. EPA’s energy tracking tool, Portfolio Manager, currently allows facilities to track energy use and the associated greenhouse gas emissions, set targets for investment priorities and verify efficiency improvements. Now the estimated 370,000 houses of worship across the United States can use Portfolio Manager to receive an energy performance rating, and the most energy efficient among them can earn the Energy Star label.

Worship facilities in the United States spend more than $3 billion annually on energy costs. Improving the energy efficiency of America’s houses of worship by just 10 percent would save nearly 2 billion kilowatt-hours each year, preventing more than 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions and representing a cost savings of about $315 million annually.

Through Energy Star, EPA provides a proven energy management strategy and free tools for public and private organizations to save energy and money through increased energy efficiency. EPA has also made additional enhancements to its tools including the ability to specify on-site green power generation and use. This feature provides a better assessment of a building’s actual energy efficiency and a more complete picture of associated carbon emissions.

Learn more about Portfolio Manager:
Learn more about Energy Star for congregations:


Upcoming NIOSH Conferences for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

U.S. EPA Go Green! Monthly Consumer Newsletter
CDC Genomics & Health Weekly Update Volume 23 Number 10

VACANCY: Technical Services/Taxonomy Librarian, GS-1410-9/11/12

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, one of the National Institutes of Health (U. S. DHHS), located in beautiful Research Triangle Park, NC, has a job opening for a Technical Services/Taxonomy Librarian, GS-1410-9/11/12. Salary range $48,066-$90,610

Introducing Orientation & Research Strategies

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and the largest library in the world, with more than 134 million books, recordings, photographs and prints, maps, music items, and manuscripts. Collected in more than 470 languages, the materials range from rare cuneiform tablets to born digital materials. Through its Web site (, the Library makes available its resources, services, and more than fifteen million of its items in American history and culture.

The Digital Reference Section (DRS) conducts a free, one-hour orientation, monthly on the second Wednesday at 11 a.m. - noon, Eastern Time, via Web conference. Throughout the program, DRS staff provide opportunities to ask questions, learn strategies for online access of the materials, and sample the collections and resources provided to facilitate your research.

The next session will be Wednesday, September 9, 11:00 am -12:00 pm, EDT. To learn more and register for the Orientation, visit Confirmation will be sent via email. For more information or to request an Orientation for a group, contact the Digital Reference Section via the Ask A Librarian form at


Judith K. Graves
Digital Projects Coordinator
Digital Reference Section
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20540-4604

Email: jgrav [at] loc [dot] gov
(v)202/707-2562; [f]202/252-3116
Virtual Programs & Services:
Library of Congress:

2009-2010 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines
Fri, 4 Sep 2009 14:38:00 -0500
The influenza vaccine for the 2009-2010 influenza season is set. Now it's up to you to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected.
U.S. Department of State: Morning Walkthrough in Beijing, China
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 07:24:47 -0500
Export Information for USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
The Eligible Plant Lists for Russia (Poultry) and Australia have been revised. This information has recently been updated.
You may view a copy of the updated information.

Statistics for the U.S. Department of Labor

This information has recently been updated.
The following statistics were updated:
Unemployment Rate (UR), Payroll Employment (PE), Average Hourly Earnings (AHE)

View the latest DOL statistics.

The latest Employment Situation news release
was issued today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Highlights are below.

Nonfarm payroll employment continued to decline in August
(-216,000), and the unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent.
Although job losses continued in many of the major industry
sectors, the declines have moderated in recent months.

Statement of Keith Hall Commissioner Bureau of Labor Statistics

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nonfarm payroll employment fell by 216,000 in August, and
the unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent. Since the recession
began in December 2007, payroll employment has dropped by 6.9
million, and the unemployment rate has increased by 4.8
percentage points. Job losses have moderated in many industry
sectors in recent months.

Construction employment fell by 65,000 in August, about in
line with the trend since May. From November to April,
construction job losses averaged 117,000 per month. Since
December 2007, employment in the industry has fallen by 1.4
million. Thus far in 2009, job losses in nonresidential and
heavy construction combined have exceeded losses in the
residential components. In 2008, the residential components
accounted for a majority of construction's decline.

Employment in manufacturing declined by 63,000 in August.
The largest job losses were in motor vehicles and parts, computer
and electronic products, and fabricated metal products. Factory
employment has declined by 2.0 million since the start of the
recession, although losses have moderated over the last 2 months.

In August, job losses also continued in financial activities
and wholesale trade. The employment declines in both industries
have been smaller since May. Over the last 4 months, temporary
help employment was down an average of 11,000 per month, compared
with an average decline of 69,000 for the first 4 months of the

Over the month, employment continued to increase in health
care, with gains in ambulatory care and in nursing and
residential care facilities. Health care has continued to add
jobs during the recession, albeit at a slower pace in 2009.

Average hourly earnings for production and nonsupervisory
workers in the private sector rose by 6 cents in August to
$18.65. Over the past 12 months, average hourly earnings have
risen by 2.6 percent. From July 2008 to July 2009, the Consumer
Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers declined
by 2.4 percent.

Turning now to some measures from our household survey, the
unemployment rate rose by 0.3 percentage point to 9.7 percent in
August. It had been little changed in June and July, after
increasing by 0.4 or 0.5 percentage point in each of the prior 6
months. When the recession began in December 2007, the jobless
rate was 4.9 percent. A total of 14.9 million persons were
unemployed in August, about twice the number at the start of the

The number of long-term unemployed remained high. In
August, 5.0 million people had been jobless for more than 6
months, nearly quadruple the number at the start of the

The employment-population ratio--the proportion of the
population that has a job--continued to trend down in August. At
59.2 percent, it has declined by 3.5 percentage points since the
recession began.

Among the employed, there were 9.1 million persons working
part time in August who would have preferred full-time work. The
number of such workers has nearly doubled since the start of the
recession but has been little changed since March.

In summary, nonfarm payroll employment fell by 216,000 in
August, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent.

U.S. Department of State Highlights: Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula Remains Core Objective
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:00:00 -0500

FDIC Issues List of Banks Examined for CRA Compliance

September 4, 2009 Media Contact:
David Barr (202-898-6992)

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) today issued its list of state nonmember banks recently evaluated for compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The list covers evaluation ratings that the FDIC assigned to institutions in June 2009. The CRA is a 1977 law intended to encourage insured banks and thrifts to meet local credit needs, including those of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with safe and sound operations. As part of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA), Congress mandated the public disclosure of an evaluation and rating for each bank or thrift that undergoes a CRA examination on or after July 1, 1990.
A consolidated list of all state nonmember banks whose evaluations have been made publicly available since July 1, 1990, including the rating for each bank, can be obtained from the FDIC's Public Information Center, located at 3501 Fairfax Drive, Room E-1002, Arlington, VA 22226 (877-275-3342 or 703-562-2200), or via the Internet at
A copy of an individual bank's CRA evaluation is available directly from the bank, which is required by law to make the material available upon request, or from the FDIC's Public Information Center.
September 2009 List of Banks Examined for CRA Compliance

"Special Event for Dan Drew for Mayor" on Wednesday, September 9 at 5:30pm.

Event: Special Event for Dan Drew for Mayor
""featuring Speaker Chris Donovan""
What: Fundraiser
Host: Dan Drew for Mayor
Start Time: Wednesday, September 9 at 5:30pm
End Time: Wednesday, September 9 at 7:30pm
Where: First and Last Tavern

To see more details and RSVP

Training from the National Institute of Justice for Office of Justice Programs

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

USDA Announces Additional Weight Category for Livestock Indemnity Program

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2009 - The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced it will add an additional weight category to the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) for non-adult beef cattle, non-adult dairy cattle and non-adult buffalo/beefalo.

The over 400 pound category will be split into 2 categories, 400 to 799 pounds and 800 pounds or more. This change will ensure that the assigned market values for non-adult beef cattle, non-adult dairy cattle and non-adult buffalo/beefalo over 400 pounds reflect the statutory requirement for the payment to be 75 percent of the market value for the livestock.

FSA state offices will establish new normal mortality rates for each of the new weight categories covered under LIP and FSA national headquarters will establish average fair market prices for each category.

LIP was authorized in the 2008 Farm Bill and provides assistance to producers for livestock deaths that result from natural disasters. Using funds from the Agricultural Disaster Relief Trust Fund established under section 902 of the Trade Act of 1974, the program is administered by FSA. LIP compensates livestock owners and contract growers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather, including losses due to hurricanes, floods, blizzards, disease, wildfires, extreme heat and extreme cold. Eligible losses must have occurred on or after Jan. 1, 2008, and before Oct. 1, 2011.

For more information on LIP and other USDA Farm Service Agency disaster assistance programs, please visit your FSA county office or .


Treasury Highlights Recovery Act Impact
Afghanistan Assessment Looks to Defeat al-Qaida
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 17:33:00 -0500
Commander Focuses on Stopping Asia-Pacific Terrorism
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 10:13:00 -0500
New NIH Tool Makes Funding Data, Research Results and Products Searchable
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:15:00 -0500
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) — The Nation's Medical Research Agency — includes 27 Institutes and Centers and is a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is the primary federal agency for conducting and supporting basic, clinical and translational medical research, and it investigates the causes, treatments, and cures for both common and rare diseases. For more information about NIH and its programs, visit
CMS Updates to Coverage Pages
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:57:00 -0500
Date: 09/04/2009
Subject: CMS Updates to Coverage Pages
Content: Posted questions to panel for October 21 MEDCAC meeting. Also updated Bariatric Surgery facility list.


Landmark legislation created framework that now protects over 109 million acres of wilderness around the country


WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2009 - Today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined President Barack Obama in marking the 45th anniversary of the landmark Wilderness Act. President Obama signed a proclamation this week designating September as National Wilderness Month and calling on "all Americans to visit and enjoy our wilderness areas, learn more about our wilderness heritage, and explore what can be done to protect and preserve these precious national treasures."

"As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we recognize that a healthy and prosperous America relies on the health of our wilderness areas," said Secretary Vilsack. "Our National Forest Wilderness Areas are a national inheritance that not only help generate rural wealth through recreation and tourism, but also supply communities with clean water, shelter wildlife, and help us mitigate and adapt to climate change."

The U.S. Forest Service, one of the four federal agencies administering the National Wilderness Preservation System, oversees over 36 million acres of Wilderness, which comprise roughly 19% of the entire National Forest System. The National Wilderness Preservation System, which 45 years ago started with a little over 9 million acres, has grown tenfold over this period.

Tom Tidwell, Chief of the US Forest Service, who administers almost 60% of the 756 areas in the National Wilderness Preservation System, said, "The Wilderness Act of 1964 and subsequent congressional designations, represent collaboration of citizens, agencies and Congress to preserve wild, undeveloped places for the benefit of current and future generations." Chief Tidwell added, "Wilderness Areas offer an immense variety of natural, scenic, historical, and cultural settings. During this month, we will give special emphasis to stewardship of our 440 National Forest Wilderness Areas. The Forest Service is committed to quality resource management of our wilderness areas including the completion of many projects through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Efforts like the work of AmeriCorps and many other youth and partner organizations play an important role in the care and protection of these special places."

2009 was a banner year for Wilderness, with over 2 million acres added to the National Wilderness Preservation System through the Omnibus Lands Act of 2009, bringing the total system acreage to over 109 million.


Rhode Island Judge Temporarily Blocks State Government Shutdown
Posted: 02 Sep 2009 05:00 PM PDT
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - A judge on Rhode Island's Supreme Court has blocked a planned state government shutdown until the full court can consider the case.
Supreme Court Justice Maureen McKenna Goldberg decided Thursday to block Gov. Don Carcieri (kuh-CHEER'-eez) from forcing about 80 percent of state force to stay home without pay Friday.
White House to Reveal Visitor Names
Posted: 03 Sep 2009 05:00 PM PDT
By Richard Wolf
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration plans to change White House policy by releasing the names of thousands of visitors whose comings and goings traditionally are kept secret by presidents.
U.S. Cuts Aid to Honduras in Support of Ex-leader
Posted: 03 Sep 2009 05:00 PM PDT
WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Thursday cut off all aid to the Honduran government over the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya, making permanent a temporary suspension of U.S. assistance put in place after he was deposed in June.

USCIRF Commissioners' Op-Ed Featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

The following op-ed by USCIRF commissioners Imam Talal Eid and Don Argue was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

India’s Progress Threatened by Religious Strife

August 31, 2009

While India recently celebrated 62 years of independence as the world’s largest democracy, this month also marked the first anniversary of the anti-Christian violence in the state of Orissa.

India is home to people from a multitude of cultural and religious backgrounds, and its modern identity rests on a tradition of secular governance dating back to its independence.

Yet recurring problems with religious discrimination and eruptions of communal violence are creating some very unfortunate breaks in this narrative.

Because local governments have failed to respond adequately to such incidents, and the national government has failed to take effective measures to protect the rights of its citizens who belong to religious minorities, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has put India on its 2009 Watch List.

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited India last month, she and India’s external affairs minister, S.M. Krishna, committed to building an enhanced India-U.S. strategic partnership that seeks to “advance solutions to the defining challenges of our time.”

Both leaders committed to working toward a world without nuclear weapons, advancing common security interests, pursuing sustainable growth and economic development, and collaboration on energy security and climate change.

But, there appeared to be little or no bilateral discussion of human rights concerns in India.

Last year, Maoists murdered a Hindu religious leader known for his anti-Christian rhetoric, and it sparked a violent campaign targeting Christians in Orissa. The violence, which went on for several weeks, was carried out by supporters of Hindu nationalist groups and resulted in the destruction of hundreds of homes, dozens of churches, and at least 40 deaths. Not only did police forces fail to protect Christians, but there were also indications of awareness, and perhaps assistance, by state and local officials.

Although the Orissa government has ordered an investigation into the violence, only six people have been convicted, and Christians in Orissa continue to face intolerance and intimidation by Hindu nationalist groups.

More than 30,000 Christians are still living in poor conditions in refugee camps and are being threatened that, in order to return home, they must “reconvert” to Hinduism. The Indian government must do more to supply the displaced with basic supplies and provide security for a safe return.

While the state government took preventive measures in Orissa immediately after the attacks so that the 2008 Christmas holiday occurred without incident, the central Indian government could undoubtedly do more to prevent and also to redress religious-based violence in Orissa and elsewhere.

More disturbingly, such violence is not a new phenomenon in India; for all of the country’s progress, communal violence remains a perennial problem.

The riots in Orissa were a painful reminder of the 2002 riots in the state of Gujarat, where over 2,000 Muslims were killed by Hindu mobs, hundreds of mosques and Muslim-owned businesses were looted or destroyed, and more than 100,000 people fled their homes. As alleged in Orissa, government investigations uncovered complicity by Gujarat state government officials and police inaction in the midst of these attacks.

Efforts to pursue the perpetrators of the Gujarat violence have made little progress. Seven years later, human rights groups report that many cases will likely remain unresolved or result in acquittals because of alleged lack of evidence or insufficient efforts on the part of local police.

For all of its economic gains, India continues to suffer from impediments to justice within the police, judiciary, and state government apparatus that have in a number of instances affected religious minorities.

In June, the Indian government refused to issue visas for USCIRF commissioners and staff to visit India to discuss religious freedom conditions with government officials, religious leaders and civil society activists.

Instead of avoiding discussion of religious freedom concerns, the Indian government should confront these incidents of communal violence. India’s citizens and law enforcement personnel must find a greater appreciation for international human rights guarantees, including those directed at the protection of religious minorities. In particular, Indian officials should take proactive steps to prevent further violence and challenge cultures of impunity in areas with a history of communal tension.

If India wants to promote its rich history of religious pluralism and the peaceful coexistence of different linguistic, ethnic and religious groups, the Indian government must take strong measures to address the plight of Christians in Orissa, as well as Muslims waiting for justice in Gujarat. Only then can it truly take advantage of its religious diversity and move away from repetition of similar violence.

Imam Talal Eid and Don Argue are commissioners of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom in Washington.

Technical Report for State and Local Public Health Officials and Child Care and Early Childhood Providers on CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 09:00:00 -0500
This Technical Report provides explanations of the strategies presented in the CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza during the 2009-2010 Influenza Season and suggestions on how to use these strategies. The guidance is designed to decrease exposure to seasonal flu and 2009 H1N1 flu and limit the disruption of the essential service early childhood provides to families.
CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza during the 2009-2010 Influenza Season
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 09:00:00 -0500
Children less than 5 years of age are at increased risk of complications from influenza (flu); the risk is greater among children less than 2 years old. Importantly, infants less than 6 months of age represent a particularly vulnerable group because they are too young to receive the seasonal or 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine; as a result, individuals responsible for caring for these children constitute a high-priority group for early vaccination.

Reporting Dates for the Federal Election Commission

The Commission has approved the filing deadlines in connection with the Special Elections to fill the vacant U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. The Special Primary Elections will be held on December 8, 2009, and the Special General on January 19, 2010.

From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: The NLS Update page contains new
information of interest to NLS data users. See

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to Visit Tennessee to Discuss Educational Success With Students

Obama Administration Officials to Engage Youth as Part of 'My Education, My Future' Events Throughout the Country

WASHINGTON, September 4, 2009 - On Tuesday, September 8, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will visit Madison, Tenn., as part of the Obama Administration's 'My Education, My Future' events. He will join students at a local elementary school to watch President Obama's speech live and have a conversation with them about the importance of taking responsibility for their education.

In advance of the President's address, the Department of Education is providing resources developed by and for teachers to help engage students and stimulate discussion around the importance of education. For more information on resources go to:


Agriculture Secretary Vilsack will have a conversation with elementary school children about the importance of education, as part of the Obama Administration's 'My Education, My Future' events.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Amqui Elementary School
319 Anderson Lane
Madison, Tennessee 37115


Pentagon Briefing
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 17:27:28 -0500
Coverage of SECDEF Gates and RADM Michael Mullen speaking at the Pentagon.
VACANCY: Administrative Specialist US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE National Security Division
United States Department of Defense Image Gallery

Hoyer Statement on August Jobs Report

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced unemployment numbers for August:

“Today, the Labor Department announced that America lost 216,000 jobs last month. It is always disappointing when our economy loses jobs; that number means that this is a time of personal struggle for thousands more Americans and their families.

“But even today, it is clear that our economy continues to recover from the recession that began in December 2007. This month’s job losses continue a pattern of improvement: in fact, August was the month with the fewest job losses in a year. Rebounds in the stock and housing markets, and a stabilizing GDP, all give us reason to believe that we are on the road to recovery. And it is now also increasingly clear that the Recovery Act has been a success: it has infused $88 billion into the economy so far, met or exceeded all the implementation goals set for it this summer, and, according to economists, resulted in a 2%-3% increase in annual GDP over the first half of this calendar year.

“While jobs are always the final piece of an economic recovery, I am hopeful that, as Recovery Act funds continue to hit the economy this fall as scheduled, the number of job losses will continue to decrease. As we honor America’s workers this Labor Day, our country has real cause for hope.


Joe Biden Announces Finalized $535 Million Loan Guarantee for Solyndra for innovative solar electric panels
Recovery Act funding will accelerate job creation and help expand marketplace for innovative solar electric panels

FREMONT, CA - Vice President Joe Biden, appearing via satellite from Washington D.C., today announced the Department of Energy has finalized a $535 million loan guarantee for Solyndra, Inc., which manufactures innovative cylindrical solar photovoltaic panels that provide clean, renewable energy. The funding will finance construction of the first phase of the company's new manufacturing facility. Annual production of solar panels from the first phase is expected to provide energy equivalent to powering 24,000 homes a year or over half a million homes over the project's lifetime. Solyndra estimates the new plant will initially create 3,000 construction jobs, and lead to as many as 1,000 jobs once the facility opens. Hundreds more will install Solyndra's solar panels on rooftops around the country.

"This announcement today is part of the unprecedented investment this Administration is making in renewable energy and exactly what the Recovery Act is all about," said Vice President Biden. "By investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future, we are not only creating jobs today, but laying the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy."

"It is time to rev up the American innovation machine and reclaim our lead on clean energy," said Secretary Chu. "This investment is part of a broad, aggressive effort to spark a new industrial revolution that will put Americans to work, end our dependence on foreign oil and cut carbon pollution."

The Recovery Act is changing America's economy, making significant investments that are catalyzing private funding sources, creating sustainable green jobs and transforming how America produces and uses energy. Secretary Chu has made it his priority to accelerate important DOE investments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, helping move America's energy policy forward. Finalizing this agreement with Solyndra, which was issued a conditional commitment earlier this year, solidifies DOE's focus on expediting loan guarantees and other funding opportunities.

Solyndra is the first recipient of a loan guarantee under the Recovery Act and Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In addition, the loan guarantee issued to Solyndra is the first issued by DOE since the 1980s.

Over its lifetime, the first phase of the facility could manufacture up to 7 gigawatts of solar panels, which can generate electricity equivalent to 3 or 4 coal fired power plants. This plant will produce about as many new solar panels as the US produced in 2005.

The project will introduce into large-scale commercial operation a new and highly innovative process for manufacturing a breakthrough design for photovoltaic panels. Solyndra's panels will be primarily used in the fast-growing market for large, flat rooftops.

FDA: 2009-2010 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 11:00:00 -0500
The influenza vaccine for the 2009-2010 influenza season is set. Now it's up to you to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected.
Tulsa Engineering Firm Executive Pleads Guilty to Bribing Public Official
VACANCY: Supervisory Program Analyst (Operational Planning), GS-0343-14
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 11:44:24 -0500
AN283326 (Closing Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 00:00:00 EDT)
New Banking Rules Emphasize Stability
White House Plan Aims to Constrain Firms' Size and Risks, Boost Reserves
(By Binyamin Appelbaum, The Washington Post)
At G-20 Meeting, U.S. Urges Higher Bank Reserves, Europeans Decry Bonuses
(By Aoife White and Jane Wardell, The Washington Post)
Israel, Jordan Find Accord in Finding New Water Supplies
Controversial Projects Include Network Linking the Dead Sea and the Red Sea
(By Howard Schneider, The Washington Post)
NATO Probing Deadly Airstrike
Anti-Taliban Operation in Afghanistan May Have Killed Civilians And Further Complicated the Strained U.S.-Led Security Mission
(By Rajiv Chandrasekaran, The Washington Post)
Flu Guidelines Issued for Child-Care Centers
(By Rob Stein, The Washington Post)
Court Allows Lawsuit Against Ashcroft
A Muslim man who was detained for weeks as a material witness in a terrorism case can sue former attorney general John D. Ashcroft, a federal appeals court in California ruled Friday as it rejected a bid for absolute legal immunity by the onetime Cabinet official.
(By Carrie Johnson, The Washington Post)
High Court To Revisit Election Financing
(By Robert Barnes, The Washington Post)
New Banking Rules Emphasize Stability
White House Plan Aims to Constrain Firms' Size and Risks, Boost Reserves
(By Binyamin Appelbaum, The Washington Post)
'Gang of 6' Urged to Act Now On Health
The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee pressured his team of health-care negotiators on Friday to agree to a bipartisan overhaul plan before President Obama addresses Congress next week, warning that otherwise he will put forward his own proposal.
(By Lori Montgomery and Shailagh Murray, The Washington Post)

Inspector General Financial Assistance (Grants) Reports for U.S. Department of Homeland Security

DS-09-11 - California Department of Fish and Game (PDF, 10 pages - 289 KB) NEW 9/04/2009

US-CERT Current Activity

Apple Releases Java Updates for Mac OS X 10.5

Original release date: September 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm
Last revised: September 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm


Apple has released Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5 to address multiple
vulnerabilities in Java. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may
allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a
denial-of-service condition.

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to review Apple
article HT3851 and apply any necessary updates to help mitigate the

Relevant Url(s):

This entry is available at

US-CERT Current Activity

Adobe Flash Vulnerability Affecting Apple Snow Leopard

Original release date: September 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm
Last revised: September 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm


US-CERT is aware that Apple's recently released version of Mac OS X,
Snow Leopard, includes a version of the Flash Player that contains
previously addressed vulnerabilities.

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to upgrade to the latest
version of Flash Player. Users and administrators can determine their
version of Flash using the Version test for Adobe Flash Player.

Relevant Url(s):


This entry is available at

IRS Announcement 2009-67 corrects certain procedures described in Rev. Proc. 2009-39 for a taxpayer that has a refund or credit under review by the Joint Committee on Taxation and that wants to use the procedures of Rev. Proc. 2008-52 or Rev. Proc. 97-27 to obtain automatic or advance consent of the Commission to change a method of accounting.
Announcement 2009-67 will be in IRB 2009-38, dated September 21, 2009.
Commitments of Traders Reports for
The current reports for the week of September 4, 2009 are now available.
See previous weeks in Historical Commitments of Traders Reports.


WASHINGTON, September 4, 2009 - The Obama Administration today continued naming individuals who will serve as State Executive Director for the Farm Service Agency at the USDA.

"These individuals have a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our rural communities and will help build on the Obama Administration's efforts to rebuild and revitalize rural America," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.


Charles Cawley - Cawley was County Administrator for Caroline County Maryland for ten years and has experience in critical administrative areas in addition to his knowledge of agriculture. He was also a grain farmer for 15 years and has been a Christmas tree farmer since 1994. Mr. Cawley is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Maryland Broadband Cooperative Inc. where he completed the financial documents for over $126 million in rural broadband stimulus grant submittal funding.


Paul Brule - Brule has been employed by the Calson Corporation since 2001. Previously, Brule was the State Executive Director for the FSA from 1993-2001, as well as 1979-1981. Also, Brule served as the Acting State Director in 2000. Brule was also the acting State Executive Director for the State of Connecticut in 2000. Brule has run a farm since 1979, and a dairy farm from 1967-1976. Brule is a retired member of the local fire department, and is a member of the Bristol-Warren Regional District School Committee.

USDA's Farm Services Agency works to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for rural Americans. Some of the agency's efforts include facilitating income support, disaster assistance and conservation programs, providing operating loans for the procurement of farm equipment, seed and fertilizer, as well as offering ownership loans to help new and veteran producers purchase a farm. FSA also works to procure various commodities to benefit low-income families through domestic food assistance programs.

The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture and natural resources and touches the life of every American. Reflecting President Obama's commitment to expanding economic opportunities in rural America, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the USDA are working to enhance availability of broadband, promote the development of renewable energy, to conserve, maintain and improve our natural resources and environment, and promote a sustainable, safe, sufficient and nutritious food supply.


Netroots Nation presents "Netroots N' Boots" party during DNC meeting

The DNC will be meeting in Austin next week, so Netroots Nation is throwing a "Netroots N' Boots" party to welcome them to town.

The party is Thursday, September 10th at Club De Ville, 900 Red River. 8pm to midnight.

Our featured guests are Senate candidates Bill White and John Sharp, as well as TX Congressional District 10 candidate Jack McDonald.

Tickets are $10. To purchase online, please go to the following link.

Facebook event can by found here.

USDA Office of Communication 202-720-4623


WASHINGTON, September 4, 2009 - The Obama Administration today continued naming individuals who will serve as State Director for Rural Development at the USDA.

"These individuals will be important advocates on behalf of rural communities in states throughout the country and help administer the valuable programs and services provided by the USDA that can enhance their economic success," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.


Dr. Glenda Humiston - Humiston recently finished a Ph. D. in the Division of Society and Environment, College of Natural Resources at the University of California at Berkeley, completing a dissertation entitled "Sustainable Agriculture as U.S. Farm Policy: Opportunities and Threats to Reform." Previously, she served as Deputy Under Secretary of the USDA from 1998 to 2001 where she managed all aspects of USDA conservation mission and environmental programs, a $1.4 Billion budget and over 11,000 employees. Dr. Humiston is continuing her over 20 years of work facilitating local community's efforts for sustainable development.


Jack Tarburton - Tarburton is currently the Owner of Tarburton Consulting, which is a liaison between Perdue Farms and State government officials in Delaware. Tarburton served as the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Agriculture from 1993 - 2001. Also, he has worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1965 - 1966, before operating a potato and grain farm for 23 years. He has served with various organizations throughout Delaware including a period as President of the Delaware Farm Bureau and as President of the Delaware Association of Conservation Districts.


Clarence Hawkins - Clarence Hawkins served as Mayor of Bastrop, Louisiana from 1989 to 2009. Previously, he spent 20 years in the Morehouse Public School System serving in a variety of roles including Assistant Principal, Curriculum Supervisor, and Co-Director of Personnel. Hawkins has served on numerous Boards including the Louisiana Housing and Community Development Advisory Task Force, the Louisiana Municipal Association, and the National Conference of Black Mayors. Mr. Hawkins holds a Bachelor's Degree from Grambling State University and a Master's Degree in Education from Northeast Louisiana University.

Rural Development administers and manages over 40 housing, business, and community infrastructure and facility programs as laid out by Congress through a network of 6,100 employees located in 500 national, state and local offices. These programs are designed to improve the economic stability of rural communities, businesses, residents, farmers and ranchers and improve the quality of life in rural America. Rural Development has an existing portfolio of over $114 billion in loans and loan guarantees.


The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture and natural resources and touches the life of every American. Reflecting President Obama's commitment to expanding economic opportunities in rural America, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the USDA are working to enhance availability of broadband, promote the development of renewable energy, to conserve, maintain and improve our natural resources and environment, and promote a sustainable, safe, sufficient and nutritious food supply.


Former Pacific Consolidated Industries LP Executive Pleads Guilty in Connection with Bribes Paid to U.K. Ministry of Defense Official
NASA and ATK Schedule Motor Test for Ares Rocket on Sept. 10
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 23:00:00 -0500
NASA and Alliant Techsystems Inc., or ATK, have rescheduled the test of the new first-stage solid rocket motor for the Ares I rocket.
DoD Identifies Army Casualties
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 16:02:00 -0500

FEC Weekly Digest for Federal Election Commission

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

US Energy Secretary Chu to Give Back to School Address to Alexandria Students

WASHINGTON, D.C. - On Tuesday, September 8th, Energy Secretary Steven Chu will visit Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Arlington, VA. This visit will be in conjunction with President Obama’s national address to students on the importance of taking responsibility for their success in school. Secretary Chu will speak on the importance of science and technology in education and amplify the President’s message of challenging students to set goals and to work hard to succeed.

WHAT: Secretary Steven Chu to address High School Students in Alexandria, VA

WHEN: Tuesday, September 8, 2009
11:00 AM EDT

Media check-in at Main Office
11:30 AM EDT

The Secretary will tour the school labs
12:00 PM EDT

The Secretary will deliver a speech following a video address by President Barack Obama
***Media Availability to follow

WHERE: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
6560 Braddock Rd
Alexandria, VA

TEGL 5-09 -- Reporting Guidance and Instructions for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Section 166, Indian and Native American (INA) Supplemental Youth Services Program, Including Performance Accountability Reporting for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) of 2009 has been added to the ETA Advisory database and is now available at
DoD Contracts for September 04, 2009
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 17:01:00 -0500

FAST FACT: News on the Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Did you know...

Through Recovery Act funds, improvement projects putting Americans to work began this summer at 192 airports and over 2,200 highways – exceeding the original goal of 98 airports and 1,500 highways.

[Source: White House Recovery Office]


U.S. Department of State: Remarks to the Press
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 16:11:50 -0500
Remarks to the Press

Ian Kelly
Department Spokesman
Washington, DC

September 4, 2009

Validating the Power of Attorney
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:53:24 -0500
Be careful to fully verify the POA grantor's identity and legal authority.
USBP in the News
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:53:24 -0500
For archived news releases, please visit CBP News Releases located under Newsroom.

What's New at AHRQ for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

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Department of Defense Media Schedule 9/8/2009
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 18:05:00 -0500
Agri-Biz Unit Deploys
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 18:08:50 -0500
Sixty soldiers with the Missouri National Guard are deploying to Afghanistan next month.
U.S. Department of Defense: Suicide Prevention
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 18:04:15 -0500
Fourteen people have been named to a new panel that will look at suicide prevention in the military.
H1N1 Vaccine for Military
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 14:48:19 -0500
The first batch of the H1N1 vaccine for service members is expected to be available within a month.

Constituent Update for USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Federal Court Freezes the Assets of Florida Resident Beau Diamond and Diamond Ventures LLC, Charged by the CFTC with Operating a $37 Million Dollar Forex Fraud, September 4, 2009

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Effective Health Care Spotlight

Comment Deadline Extended
The comment period has been extended until September 29, 2009, for the following working white papers:
Developing a Registry of Patient Registries: Options for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Interfacing Registries with EHRs (1 of 4)
When Should a Patient Registry End? (2 of 4)
Linking Registry Data: Technical and Legal Considerations (3 of 4)
Use of Registries in Product Safety Assessment (4 of 4)

Primary Care Practice-Based Research Networks for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Enforcement Actions for
DoD Identifies Navy Casualty
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 19:59:00 -0500
Alabama Weatherization Assistance Program
Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program
Arkansas Weatherization Assistance Program
California Weatherization Assistance Program
Connecticut Weatherization Assistance Program
Delaware Weatherization Assistance Program
District of Columbia Weatherization Assistance Program
Florida Weatherization Assistance Program
Georgia Weatherization Assistance Program
Idaho Weatherization Assistance Program
Illinois Weatherization Assistance Program
Indiana Weatherization Assistance Program
Iowa Weatherization Assistance Program
Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program
Kentucky Weatherization Assistance Program
Louisiana Weatherization Assistance Program
Maine Weatherization Assistance Program
Maryland Weatherization Assistance Program
Montana Weatherization Assistance Program
Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program
Mississippi Weatherization Assistance Program
Massachusetts Weatherization Assistance Program
Nebraska Weatherization Assistance Program
New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Program
New Hampshire Weatherization Assistance Program
Missouri Weatherization Assistance Program
Michigan Weatherization Assistance Program
New York Weatherization Assistance Program
North Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program
Oklahoma Weatherization Assistance Program
Nevada Weatherization Assistance Program
New Mexico Weatherization Assistance Program
North Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program
Ohio Weatherization Assistance Program
Oregon Weatherization Assistance Program
Pennsylvania Weatherization Assistance Program
Rhode Island Weatherization Assistance Program
South Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program
South Dakota Weatherization Assistance
Tennessee Weatherization Assistance Program
Texas Weatherization Assistance Program
Utah Weatherization Assistance Program
Vermont Weatherization Assistance Program
Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program
Washington Weatherization Assistance Program
Weatherization Assistance Program for Low-Income Persons
West Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program
Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program
Wyoming Weatherization Assistance Program

Research - Current International Public Transit Tenders for Federal Transit Administration

This webpage has recently been updated, and new tenders are now available.

Around the Services
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:56:00 -0500
Troubled teens are getting a helping hand and a fresh start on the right path, thanks to the National Guard. Plus, poppy production in Afghanistan is down.

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